June 29, 2011

Only a person who has enjoyed his life becomes capable of enjoying his death.

You think about death and you become disturbed by small things: a headache, an ant crawling on your body. You become distracted by such small things; small discomforts—and you talk about death. Maybe you don’t know what death is; maybe you have only heard the name.  and you have seen people dying, but you yourself have never seen death. In fact, when a person dies you see him lying in repose—silent, relaxed, with no discomfort. You think death is not a discomfort? You are seeing only a dead person; you have not seen his inner misery, you have not seen his inner conflict. You have not seen his inner struggle with death. You have not seen his inner anguish and turmoil. You just see the dead body—painted, dressed well, washed, cleaned.

At the moment of death all your knowledge of the world will be lost into thin air. Only one thing will go with you, and that one thing is being constantly ignored- that is your self-knowledge, your self-realization. In fact, this is the only ignorance- ignoring yourself. It is always death that comes before your desires are fulfilled. Even if you live for a thousand years your desires are not going to be fulfilled.

Only a person who has enjoyed his life becomes capable of enjoying his death. And if you are capable of enjoying your death, you have defeated death. Then there is no more birth for you and no more death for you--- you have learnt the lesson.

Live deeply, live totally, live wholly, so when death comes and knocks at your door you are ready—ready like a ripe fruit to drop. Just a small breeze comes and the fruit drops; sometimes even without the breeze the fruit drops from its own weight and ripeness. Death should be like that. And the readiness has to come through living.

The secret is, start living more fully, more totally. Be more alert so that you can find within yourself something that is unreachable by death. That is the only shelter, the only security, the only safety. And if you want to help your friends and family, let them become aware of this secret.

June 11, 2011

What are the roots and what are the wings of a Meditator?

Meditation is a way of settling in oneself, at the innermost core of your being. Once you have found the center of your existence, you will have found both the roots and the wings.

The roots are in existence, making you a more integrated human being, an individual. And the wings are in the fragrance that is released by being in contact with existence. The fragrance consists of freedom, love, compassion, authenticity, sincerity, a sense of humor, and a tremendous feeling of blissfulness.

The roots make you an individual, and the wings give you the freedom to love, to be creative, to share unconditionally the joy that you have found. The roots and wings come together. They are two sides of one experience, and that experience is finding the center of your being.

We are continuously moving on the circumference, always somewhere else far away from our own being, always directed towards others. When all this is dropped, when all objects are dropped, when you close your eyes to all that is not you-even your mind, your heartbeats are left far behind-only a silence remains.

In this silence you will settle slowly into the center of your being, and then the roots will grow on their own accord and the wings too. You need not worry about them. You cannot do anything about them. They come on their own.

You simply fulfill one condition: that is, to be at home-and the whole existence become bliss to you, a benediction.


What is your business? - OSHO

What is your business?

OSHO- My business is to keep many people in business! All the religions have been teaching people to renounce the world. My business is to help people not to renounce the world. Be in business!

All the religions, without exception, are against life. My business is to destroy the conditionings that have been forced upon you against life; to give you a joy in life, to make you love life, sing dance-because life is a celebration.

My business is to create this whole existence into a celebration.