March 22, 2012

Ma Yoga Vivek

Vivek takes sannyas in April 1971, and is osho’s caretaker from 1973 onwards

Osho- I had a girlfriend when I was young. Then she died. But on her deathbed she promised me she would came back. And she has come back. The name of the girlfriend was Shashi. She died in 47. She was the daughter of a certain doctor in my village, Dr. Sharma. He is also dead now. And now Shashi has come as Vivek to take care of me. Vivek cannot remember it. I used to call Shashi Gudiya, and I started calling Vivek Gudiya also, just to give a continuity.

Life is a great drama, a great play-it goes on from one life to onother to another.

Yesterday, someone came to me in the morning, and I told her to take sannyas. She was bewildered. She said to give her time to think and decide, at least two days. I said to her “who knows about two days? So much you require… take it today, this moment.” But she was not decisive, so I gave her two days. The next morning she came and took it. She has not taken two days. Only one day. I asked her, “why? You have been given two days, why have you come so soon?” she said. “At three o’clock at night, suddenly I was awake, and something went deep within me telling me, “Go take sannyas

It is not a decision that she has made, But a decision that has been made by her very deep-rooted mind. But the moment she came in the room I knew her, I knew that mind which she came to know twenty hours later.
So when I say take sannyas, there are so many reasons with every person to whom I tell it. Either he has been a sannyas in the last life, or somewhere in the long journey he has been a sannyasin.

I had given her another name yesterday, but today I had to change it because I gave her that name in her indecision. Now I am giving her a different name that will be a help to her. When she came this morning, she herself was decided. That other name was not needed at all. And I have given her the name Ma Yoga Vivek, because now the decision has come through her Vivek-her awareness, her consciousness. (16 April 1971)

Here is some information on Vivek’s death Ma Yoga Vivek, English disciple of osho since 1971, legal name Christine Walfe, was cremated at the burning ghats at karegaon park on December 9 1989, two days before her birthday.

Sannyasins in the commune were then told that she was being treated for hormonal unbalance which made her very depressed and she committed suicide while feeling so.
There were unsubstantiated Rumours of heroin overdose. Either suicide or drug overdose, no outopsy was conducted. Though once close to Osho, she had fallen from her grace in Crete in 1986. She had gone to Bombay with a German friend and supposedly was asked to come back. The German friend was not present at the funeral and was not seen later

In 1986 Osho was to say-
Vivek has been for sixteen years with me. When she came she was only twenty years old; now she is thirty six, almost twice the age. And all these sixteen years, day in day out, she has been taking care of me with as much Love as possible, with a deep devotion.

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