March 29, 2011

If you are really sincere then speed up, don’t postpone-OSHO

Question_ once you said that if it is needed, then you will take one more birth. But if you have already attained to Samadhi without seed, how can you take one more birth? You may not think this a relevant personal question, but at the rate my spiritual growth seems to be going it is?
OSHO_ Yes, once I said that if it is needed I will come back. But now I say it is impossible. So please speed up a little. Don’t wait for my coming again. I am here only for a little while more. If you are really sincere then speed up, don’t postpone. Once I said, I said to people who were not ready at that moment. I am always responding, I said it to people who were not ready. If I had said to them that I am not coming, they would have simply dropped the whole project. They would have thought. Then it is not feasible. They cannot do in one life and I am not coming next, so it is better not to begin. It is too big a thing to attain in one life. But now to you I say I am not coming any more, because that is not possible, hoping that you are now ready to understand it and speed up.
You have already started the journey, you are just… any moment, if you speed up. You can reach to the ultimate. Any moment it is possible. Now postponement will be dangerous. Thinking that I will come again, your mind can relax and postpone. Now I say I am not coming.
I will tell you one story: once it happened Mulla Nasruddin was telling to his son that I had gone for a hunt in the forest and ten lions, not only one, suddenly jumped on me. The boy said, wait papa. Last year you said five lions, and this year you say ten lions. Mulla Nasruddin said, Yes, last year you were not mature enough, and you would have got very much afraid -ten lions. Now I tell you the truth. You have grown up and this is what I say to you.
At first I said to you that I will be coming, you were not grown up enough. But now you have grown up a little, and I can say you the truth. Many times I have to say lies because of you, because you will not understand the truth. The more you grow, the more I can drop lies and the more I can be true. When you have really grown up then I will tell you simply the truth, then there is no need. If you are not grown up, then the truth will be destructive.
You need lies just like children need toys. Toys are lies. You need lies if you not grown up. And if there is compassion, then the person who has deep compassion is not bothered about whether he say a lies or a truth. His whole being is to help you, to be beneficial, to be a benediction to you. All the buddhas have lied, they have to, because they are so compassionate. And no Buddha can say the absolute truth, because to whom he will say? Only to another Buddha it can be said, but another Buddha will not need it.
Through lies, by and by, a master brings you towards light. Taking your hand, step by step, he has to help you to move towards light. The whole truth will be too much. You may be simply shocked, shattered. The whole truth you cannot contain, it will be destructive. Only through lies you have to be brought to the door of the temple, and only at the door the whole truth can be given to you, but then you will understand. Then you will understand why the lies. And not only you will understand, you will be grateful for them.