May 2, 2011

Whenever you are with yourself You are with me-OSHO

Question: - Is It possible to be inside with you?

OSHO:- Whenever you are with yourself you are with me,
And there is no other way to be with me.
So don’t create a duality between you and me
Just try to be with yourself,
Just try to be your withinness,
And you are with me!
Language is not capable of saying anything
About a non-dual reality.
Whatsoever is said in language is bound to be dual.
And when you are with me
Neither you are nor I am.
Whenever you are really your being you are a Nobody,
A vast emptiness a whole sky with no boundaries.
And then you are not only with yourself you are
With the trees, with the clouds,
With the mountains,
With the sands, and with the seas…
When you are with yourself you become the whole.
And the way to know the outside Buddha
Is to know the inside Buddha.
When you are completely within yourself
You have known all Christ’s,
All Buddha, all the masters that have ever existed,
And also all those which will ever exist,
Because  you become one with the whole.
Knowing oneself one knows the whole.
It is reported, Buddha was dying and
Ananda (his oldest disciple) started weeping and crying.
And Buddha stops him and says “what are you doing Ananda?”
He looks at Buddha with tears-filled eyes and says
“Now where will I see you? Where will I seek you?”
Buddha laughed and he said
“That has been my whole teaching!
For Forty years that is what I have been telling you,
That Whenever  you want to see me, look within!
APPA DEEPO BHAVA (be a light into yourself)
There, inside you, you will find me.”


  1. very beautiful, i like your blog very much.... thanks

  2. i love ur blog vvvvvvvvvvv beautiful

  3. i can just say i am at ease, me in myself, i need to see HIM. HE needs more devotion.

  4. This may have much meaning for me. Thanks.