May 30, 2011

Entering Sleep Consciously- OSHO

The moment when you are dropping into sleep is the moment to encounter the unconsciousness. If you can remain out of sleep, then the unconscious will be real, because that is the line. The very line from where you drop into sleep is the line where you can encounter the unconscious.
You have been sleeping everyday, but you have not encountered sleep yet. You have not seen it: what it is, how it comes, how to drop into it, you have not known anything about it. You have been dropping daily, coming out of it, but you have not felt the moment when sleep comes to the mind and what happens.

So try this, and with three months effort, suddenly one day you will enter sleep knowingly: drop on your bed, close your eyes, and then remember, remember that sleep is coming and ‘I am to remain awake when the sleep comes’.

It is very arduous, but it helps. One day it will not happen, another day it will not happen. Persist every day, constantly remembering that sleep is coming, and “I am not allow it without knowing. I must be aware when sleep enters. I must go on feeling how sleep takes over, what it is”.

One day sleep is there, and you are still awake. That very moment you become aware of your unconsciousness. And once you become aware of your unconsciousness you will never be asleep again during the day. Sleep will be there, but you will be awake simultaneously. A center in you will go on knowing; all around will be sleep, and the center will go on knowing. When this center is knowing, dreams become impossible. Then you are asleep in a different sense, and you will be awake in the morning in a different sense. A different quality comes by the encounter.


May 28, 2011

Spread the word

So when I say, “Spread the word,” I mean whatever I have been telling you, go on Spreading in as many ways as possible. Use all the news media, use everything that technology has provided, so that the word reaches to every nook and corner of the earth. And remember, it is far more powerful than any nuclear weapons because nuclear weapons can only bring death—that is not power. But the word which has come from an enlightened consciousness can bring new life to you; it can give you rebirth, resurrection- that is power. Destroying something, any idiot can do. Creating needs intelligence… OSHO

May 2, 2011

Whenever you are with yourself You are with me-OSHO

Question: - Is It possible to be inside with you?

OSHO:- Whenever you are with yourself you are with me,
And there is no other way to be with me.
So don’t create a duality between you and me
Just try to be with yourself,
Just try to be your withinness,
And you are with me!
Language is not capable of saying anything
About a non-dual reality.
Whatsoever is said in language is bound to be dual.
And when you are with me
Neither you are nor I am.
Whenever you are really your being you are a Nobody,
A vast emptiness a whole sky with no boundaries.
And then you are not only with yourself you are
With the trees, with the clouds,
With the mountains,
With the sands, and with the seas…
When you are with yourself you become the whole.
And the way to know the outside Buddha
Is to know the inside Buddha.
When you are completely within yourself
You have known all Christ’s,
All Buddha, all the masters that have ever existed,
And also all those which will ever exist,
Because  you become one with the whole.
Knowing oneself one knows the whole.
It is reported, Buddha was dying and
Ananda (his oldest disciple) started weeping and crying.
And Buddha stops him and says “what are you doing Ananda?”
He looks at Buddha with tears-filled eyes and says
“Now where will I see you? Where will I seek you?”
Buddha laughed and he said
“That has been my whole teaching!
For Forty years that is what I have been telling you,
That Whenever  you want to see me, look within!
APPA DEEPO BHAVA (be a light into yourself)
There, inside you, you will find me.”