January 13, 2011


Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror.

Khalil Gibran is trying to say to the poet, “Don’t look outside for beauty. Outside you can find beautiful things, but not beauty.” And those beautiful things are beautiful only because your inner beauty is reflected in them that’s why people differ in their opinions.

There are millions of people who will not stop for a single moment to see a beautiful sunset they don’t see anything in it. There are only a few people who will see a beautiful experience in a sunset, but that beauty is really a reflection the sunset is not more than a mirror. And if you are silently gazing at the sunset, without any disturbance from the thoughts continuously passing and disturbing the image, the sunset is beautiful…some women is beautiful, some man is beautiful.

Have you observed the fact that the same woman who is beautiful today may not look beautiful tomorrow, or may even become a pain in the neck? Today you are dying to get her, and tomorrow you will be dying to get rid of her! Stranger… what happen to the beauty?

The beauty is within you. And when you are allowing the women freedom to be herself, or the man the freedom to be himself, they function like mirror. The moment you start saying, “you should be like this, you should be like that,” you are not allowing the women or a men to be a mirror, you are beginning to make them into a film of a camera.

A mirror is always empty; that’s why it can go on reflecting continuously for eternity. The film is finished in only one reflection because it clings to the reflection. It is not a mirror. If we allow our relationships with people with this great understanding that the allowing should be… that the other should be allowed total freedom to remain whatever she is or he is, perhaps every moment more and more beauty may be revealed.

When people are not possessive of each other they feel the beauty. The moment they are married things start becoming difficult, because now possession comes in. And you always see what you want to see. When the women was not available to you, it was a challenge and the greater the challenge, the more beautiful she was. But once she is chained the challenge is lost, the beauty disappears. The greatest lovers are those who never meet. Meeting is a tragedy.

I have heard about one psychoanalyst who was visiting a madhouse. The superintendent was showing him around. One man was just crying and weeping tears and tears, and he was holding a picture on his chest.
The psychoanalyst asked. “What has happened to this man? -Because I know. I remember, he used to be a professor in the university.”

The superintendent said, “He is a very nice fellow. But do you see the picture he is holding? That is the picture of the women he wanted to get and could not get. So he has gone mad.” The psychoanalyst felt very sad. In the next room, another man was trying to hit his head against the wall, and two people were holding him back.

The psychoanalyst asked. “What has happened to him?”
The superintendent said, “Nothing happened to him, he got married to the same women.”

The one who could not get her still thinks he has missed an opportunity of being in love with a beautiful person. The one who got the opportunity is trying to kill himself-but nobody allows him to kill himself. He has become so much of a nuisance in the house that his family has put him into the madhouse to be taken care of, because with anything he finds, he starts making an effort to kill himself; he is so tortured by the same beautiful women.

It seems that in life whatever seems beautiful to you is only beautiful because it is not yours- the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. It is not the fact, because the same is the problem with the neighbor when he sees your lawn, the grass is greener. It is a mirage that distance creates.

But this is not the true experience of beauty. Only a man like Gautama Buddha can experience beauty, because he has no need and he does not want to possess.


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