January 14, 2011


Meditation is not meant only for spiritual purpose or we have to leave the world and go to the mountains to practice meditation. Meditation simply means to do things in a right way and meditation actually adds grace to our actions and makes our life a joy. Outwardly our actions remain the same but inwardly the quality of action and life changes with meditation. A certain grace, peace and satisfaction surround the person who meditates.

The first step towards meditation is to realize that no amount of worldly success can make me happy. This realization should not be intellectual but personal experience of life. Once we are dissatisfied with the outside world then only can we really think about entering inside the inner world of meditation. Otherwise we will keep gathering things in our life. But that does not bring happiness to our life.

Meditation is a journey towards innocence and joy. As a child we were all alive and fresh like a rose flower. But slowly many ideas and beliefs were forced into our mind by society.  With we lost the spontaneity and purity, which surrounds every child like a blessing from god.

Meditation is a process to get rid of all those foolish concepts of “Do and don’t” and bring us back to that spontaneous state of childhood yet retaining the wisdom which we have earned with experience.

Meditation is a process to “undo whatever wrong is done with us till now”. Meditation means: getting rid of all belief Systems and see the world without wearing goggles of society, religion and upbringing. But for this ‘undoing’ we don’t need to do anything Otherwise “that undoing will become a doing” and our very doing is the root cause of spoiling the innocence of all children. So in meditation “We don’t do anything”. This is the essence of all meditation. In real life we are so used to “doing” that if someone says “don’t do anything and just sit silently” then as sane person it’s a very difficult to act on this idea. Society has made us efficient machines.

Every waking moment of the Day we are bothered with “how to improve our condition”. So this idea of “doing nothing” is not only difficult but seems to be absurd as well. Our very idea of being happy is linked with “doing something “like going to a movie, playing any game or gossiping with friends. That’s why it is very important that we are dissatisfied with the outside world. We have done with stuff like friendships, sex movies, fame, money but nothing is able to satisfy us so we are taking a jump in the inner world. Sometimes many people don’t even feel the need to go into the sensual world as they have understood the futility of the sensual world in previous lives.

Even if we are really interested in practicing meditation and we intellectually understanding that “in meditation nothing needs to be done” then also it is very difficult to stop the doing in meditation. Doing things has become our very nature and we cannot sit idle. In meditation also we start putting our effort and it takes time to stop doing in meditation.

Slowly we slow down and one day we learn the knack to drop the doing in meditation. Meditation, witnessing, silently sitting and looking at the mind, will be of great help.


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