April 19, 2011

Always go on falling into the watcher-OSHO

Before I know it my watcher turns into my judger. What to do?

Osho- Don’t judge it. If your watcher becomes a judger, okay. Don’t judge the judger- watch it. If again the judger comes, watch it. Always go on falling back on the watcher, don’t be defeated by the judger. 

And don’t be disturbed. It is not a question that you have to not judge. If you force it you will not be happy, you will be suppressed. And whatsoever you will do, the judger will be there, no matter how you force, suppress. No! Release it! If a thought comes, and another thought follows and becomes a judgment, watch the judgment also. Always go on falling into the watcher, that’s the whole thing.

If again the judge comes, let it come. Don’t be afraid. You are always free to become a watcher again. The whole method of watching is not to be deceived and not to be distracted by the judger. Let it be there, there is no condemnation about it. What can you do if the judger comes? What can you do? There is nothing to do.

You can again become a watcher. Let it go on and on. The judger is going to be lost somewhere, and then the watcher will be centered. It is going to be a long process, because you have always been helping the judger to come in. for many lives, for thousands of years, you have always been getting identified with the judger.  So the judger does not know that you have changed your mind. It will still be coming for a few years.

It depends on you. If you go on falling to the watcher, sooner or later, the judger will understand that it is no more needed, an unwelcome guest. It will knock at your door a few times, but the knock will become feebler and feebler and feebler. One day, seeing that you are no more interested in it, the judger disappears.
You cannot suppress it.


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