April 17, 2011

Whenever Love happens, you feel very nervous-OSHO

Whenever Love happens, you feel very nervous because you are moving in the unknown. You are moving into something which you cannot manipulate, something which is beyond you, in which you can be lost-lost forever. It may be a point of no return and you never come back. That’s what is happening.

You asked me “recently, sitting before you, I have become bathed in sweat. What is happening??? The whole personality: shivering, afraid, sweating, nervous. A death is happening! That’s what I mean when I say love is happening.

Love and death are two names of the same phenomenon. On the edge of the love once feels so scared that one can be absorbed into it and there may be no possibility to come back. It is death, dawning before you. Love is death, and if you have known love as death you have opened a secret chamber of life. Then you will know death also as love. Then death becomes God.


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