December 26, 2010

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation. Kundalini acts like an energetic shower, softly shaking you free of your day and leaving you refreshed and mellow. Osho Kundalini Meditation is one of the important active meditation technique devised by Osho. Kundalini meditation is also called as sister meditation of dynamic meditation. In most of Osho meditation camps it is a regular practice to do this meditation. In Osho ashram pune, it is done every day at 4pm in the evening. It is basically a evening meditation, whereas dynamic meditation is basically a morning meditation.

Kundalini Meditation is a one hour meditation technique which has four stages each of 15 minutes. First three stages are with music and the last stage is without music. Music for Kundalini meditation has been composed under Osho's direct guidance.
Kundalini Meditation technique four stages:

FIRST STAGE: 15 minutes
Be loose and let your whole body shake, feeling the energies moving up from your feet. Let go everywhere and become the shaking. Your eyes may be open or closed.

Allow the shaking; don’t do it. Stand silently, feel it coming and when your body starts trembling, help it but don’t do it. Enjoy it, feel blissful about it, allow it, receive it, welcome it, but don’t will it, If you force, it will become an exercise, a bodily, physical exercise. Then the shaking will be there but just on the surface; it will not penetrate you. You will remain solid, stone-like, rock-like within. You will remain the manipulator, the doer, and the body will just be following. The body is not the question – you are the question. When I say shake, I mean your solidity, your rock-like being should shake to the very foundations so that it becomes liquid, fluid, melts, flows. And when the rock-like being becomes liquid, your body will follow. Then there is no shake, only shaking. Then nobody is doing it; it is simply happening. Then the doer is not. - Osho

As the music starts, we should allow the whole body to shake. This shaking will take some times to start, so we have to wait for the shaking to start instead of mechanically forcing it. But at the same time we have to cooperate with the shaking and stay receptive and open.

I would like to insist again, We are not suppose to force the shaking, instead we have to allow it to happen and cooperate with the shaking, as it gathers momentum. If shaking happens correctly and on its own, then the energy will rise upwards from the feets. Feel this energy moving up from your feet. Let go totally with this moving energy and become the shaking.  According to Osho guidance we should wait for the shaking to come and overtake us. I feel in dynamic meditation we need to be total in our effort, whereas in kundalini meditation we need to be in total non-doing or let go state.

SECOND STAGE: 15 minutes
Dance any way we feel like. Let the whole body moves, ways and makes it own rhythm. This dancing is to spread the energy through out the body. Kundalini meditation melts many blocks of energy in our system and allow the energy to be distributed evenly over the body. we have to melt and flow in this meditation. Again, our eyes can be open or closed in this stage.

THIRD STAGE: 15 minutes
Close your eyes and be still,  In this stage we can sit or stand but our eyes should be closed. Please note the change - first two stages eyes can be open or closed but from third stage eyes has to be kept closed. With closed eyes be still from inside and witness whatever is happening inside the body-mind and outside activity which we observe with closed eyes. Witnes the thoughts, feelings or any disturbance in the body or any noise from outside.

e.g. some one makes a noise or cough then our attention will go towards the noise and immediatedly mind will verbalise some thing, then witness that verbalization of mind. Or take another scenario, our mind is saying what the hell I am doing here, this is another thought of mind and witness it too.

Witnessing is the key and will transform the energy. Moreover it is easier to witness now in this third stage after doing shaking and dancing for 30 minutes. Stage is set for witnessing and be total in witnessing. It's very suitable time for having no-mind glimpses.

FOURTH STAGE: 15 minutes
Keeping your eyes closed, lie down, be still in silence.
A gong sound will signal the end of the meditation.

  1. Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation takes away all the repressed energy, sexual suppression, tension and relaxation becomes easier.
  2. Osho Guidance on Kundalini meditation - Do read instructions of Osho.
  3. Enjoy this meditation and don't be serious.
  4. Stay relax, free, waiting and open for the shaking to happen.

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