December 24, 2010

PEOPLE GO ON LOOKING AT EACH OTHER, nobody looks at himself.

PEOPLE GO ON LOOKING AT EACH OTHER, nobody looks at himself. The moment you start looking at yourself, you have become a sannyasin.

I was reading:
Mrs. Cantor suspected her husband of playing around with the maid. Having to spend a few days with her sick mother, she told her small son, Harvey, to keep an eye on Poppa and the maid.
As soon as she returned she asked: "Harvey, did anything happen?"
"Well," said the boy, "Poppa and the maid went into the bedroom and took off their clothes and..."
"Stop! Stop!" shouted Mrs. Cantor. "We will wait until Poppa comes home."
Poppa was met at the door by his irate wife, cringing maid and confused son. "Harvey, tell me what happened with Poppa and the maid," stormed Mrs. Cantor.
"As I told you, Ma," said Harvey. "Poppa and the maid went into the bedroom and took off their clothes."
"Yes! Yes! Go on, Harvey!" said Mrs. Cantor impatiently. "What did they do then?"
Replied Harvey: "Why, Mother, they did the same thing you and Uncle Bernie did when Poppa was in Chicago."
EVERYBODY GOES ON LOOKING... everybody goes on seeing others' faults, flaws, foolishnesses; nobody looks at himself.

THE DAY YOU START LOOKING AT YOURSELF, YOU ARE A SANNYASIN. The day you start looking at yourself, a great change is on the way. You have taken the first step -- against lust, towards love; against desire, towards desirelessness -- because when you will see your own hands, they have been burned so many times, you are carrying so many wounds.

LOOKING AT OTHERS IS JUST A WAY OF AVOIDING LOOKING AT ONESELF. Whenever you criticize somebody else, watch: it is a trick of the mind so that you can forgive yourself. People go on criticizing others. WHEN THEY CRITICIZE THE WHOLE WORLD, THEY FEEL VERY GOOD. In comparison, they can think they are not worse than other people; in fact, they are better. That's why when you criticize somebody, you exaggerate, you go to the very extreme; you make a mountain out of a molehill. You go on making the mountain bigger and bigger and bigger, then your own mountain looks very small -- you feel happy.

STOP THIS! This is not going to help you. This is very suicidal. HERE YOU ARE NOT TO THINK ABOUT OTHERS. Your life is yours. Thinking about others is not going to be of any benefit. Think about yourself, meditate about your own self. Become more aware of what you are doing here. --Just hanging around? or really are you doing something? And the only thing that can be relied upon is awareness. Only awareness you can carry through death, through the door of death -- nothing else.

The Discipline of Transcendence
Vol 3, Ch #3: There is nothing like lust

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