December 23, 2010


WHY I INSIST SO MUCH FOR SANNYAS. ALONE, YOU DON'T STAND A CHANCE. Together, much more the possibility.Tantra says man can become awake only through group methods, through schools.

IT IS AS IF TEN PERSONS ARE LOST IN A DESERT, and it is very dangerous in the night: the enemies can kill them, the wild animals can kill them, the robbers can come, the murderers can come -- it is very difficult. NOW THEY DECIDE ON A GROUP METHOD. They say: "Each one will be awake for one hour." TO THINK THAT EACH ONE WILL BE CAPABLE OF REMAINING AWAKE for eight hours in the night is to ask too much from an unconscious man. But each one will remain awake for one hour. And before he starts falling asleep, he should make somebody else awake. Then there is more possibility that at least one of the group will be awake the whole night.

Or, as Gurdjieff used to say: YOU ARE IN A PRISON and you want to come out of the prison. Alone, there is not much chance, but IF ALL THE PRISONERS BECOME A GROUP, THEN THERE IS MUCH MORE CHANCE -- they can throw the guard, they can kill the guard, they can break the wall. If all the prisoners are together, then there is much more chance that they can come out into freedom.

But the chances will increase even more if they are in contact with few people who are outside the prison, who are already free. THAT IS THE WHOLE MEANING OF FINDING A MASTER: finding somebody who is already outside the prison. He can be of tremendous help -- for many reasons. HE CAN SUPPLY NECESSARY THINGS which will be needed for you to come out of the prison.

HE CAN SEND INSTRUMENTS, FILES, so that you can break out of the prison. He can watch from the outside and he can inform you when the guards change -- in that interval there is a possibility to get out. He can inform you when the guards fall asleep in the night. He can make arrangements so that the guards are drunk on one particular night. He can invite the jailer to his house for a party. HE CAN DO THOUSAND AND ONE THINGS WHICH YOU CANNOT DO FROM THE INSIDE. He can find support for you from the outside. He can create an atmosphere so that when you are released from the jail you will be accepted by the people -- you will be sheltered, taken into houses. If the society is not ready to accept you from the outside, you may come out of the jail but the society will deliver you back to the prison authorities.
TO BE IN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE WHO IS ALREADY AWAKE, IS A MUST. And to be together with those people who are all thinking to become awake is also a must. This is the meaning of a school method, a group method. Tantra is a group method. It says: Be together, find out all the possibilities -- SO MANY PEOPLE CAN BE TOGETHER AND THEY CAN POOL THEIR ENERGIES. Somebody is very intelligent, and somebody is very loving. Both are half -- but together they become more of a unity, more wholeness....

USE ALL POSSIBILITIES. Then only is there some chance that you can evolve into a conscious being, you can become a Buddha.
The Tantra Vision
Vol 1, Ch #5: Man is a myth

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